Here are the solutions to many of the problems in the construction industry

These solutions are also applicable to many technical industries including engineering, IT, accounting, medical, legal, and manufacturing.

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The problems addressed are:

Safety Issues:  Learn what really motivates people to work safely.  Hint:  It’s not rules and regulations.

Stress, Burnout, and Life Balance Issues:  Epidemic in the industry, this chapter talks about how to create better performance and longevity for your people.

Coaching Alpha Males:  I get a phone call each week:  I’ve got a guy.  He’s a great guy.  But he’s pissing everyone off.  Can you help him?  Find out how to do just that and make your alpha males more successful.

Poor Industry Image:  This is a real issue and we need to tackle it head on by helping to change the attitudes of the people in the industry.

Poor Customer Service:  Find out what customers really want.  Hint:  It’s not just on time, within the budget.

Lack of Teamwork and Trust:  This is critical for project success.  Find out the keys for great teams.

Quality, Productivity, and Innovation:  We must embrace these concepts that manufacturers embraced in the 90s or face extinction.

Communication and Knowledge Sharing:  Don’t let your knowledge go out the door with your baby boomers.

Diversity, Multi-cultural Issues, and Working in Other Countries:  This is becoming a huge issue as we march out on the global playing field.

Sustainability and Environmental Issues:  Not just extra, but a way we do business now.  Find out how to make your green initiatives successful.

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