12 Steps to Great Relationships: Step 6: Develop a genuine love or at least acceptance of other people

For details on all of the previous steps, look at previous blogs. Step 1:  Know yourself. Step 2:  Develop a genuine love or acceptance of yourself. Step 3:  Expand your knowledge. Step 4:  Appreciate the differences.  Get perspectives on different values and cultures.  Step 5 is to be open, genuine, and positive.

Accept others with all of their limitations. This can be difficult. But once you accept yourself, it’s much easier. I know there are a lot of difficult people out there. There are people you probably consider to be stupid, arrogant, contrary, negative, or full of angst. It’s those people who need acceptance the most. Give them that grace. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Expect the best from them. You will be greatly amazed at how your attitude will affect theirs. When you come across these difficult people, think of them as your teacher. They will teach you how to establish great relationships with any person in any situation. Also, their annoying behavior becomes less annoying.   This is one of those things that is much easier to say than to do.  But there is a real freedom in acceptance.  You will find that you have a much greater sense of well-being.  In addition, you will find that other people will more readily accept you with all of your limitations.  And that becomes a magical thing.

When you come across those difficult people, try this method developed by a man named Marshall Rosenberg.  It’s called Nonviolent Communication. There are four steps:
1.  Observe without judgment. Be objective and evaluate the situation.  2.  Notice your feelings. Check in with yourself.  3.  Identify needs, both yours and theirs. What are you both trying to attain? 4.  Make a request. Tell them what you want, taking into account their needs as well.  This is a simple and powerful way to diffuse difficult situations, but it takes practice. Try it!

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Look for step 7 soon!


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