12 Steps to Great Relationships: Step 8: The Second Encounter

For details on all of the previous steps, look at previous blogs. Step 1:  Know yourself. Step 2:  Develop a genuine love or acceptance of yourself. Step 3:  Expand your knowledge. Step 4:  Appreciate the differences.  Get perspectives on different values and cultures.  Step 5 is to be open, genuine, and positive. Step 6 is to develop a genuine love or at least acceptance of other people.  Step 7 is to pay attention to the first five seconds.

Step 8 is to pay attention to the second encounter.

First of all, you are going to remember their name. They will likely not remember yours, so that gives you an advantage. Introduce yourself so they won’t be embarrassed about not remembering your name. Then, talk about them. Let them know that you remember them and those pertinent facts. You may need to refer to your phone and the contact information. That’s okay. Then ask some good leading questions and let them talk. Find out even more about them. And when you gather more information, put it into your contact database. You can also put the time and place of this second meeting. Don’t ever think that you will remember these details. Just document it.

Find the common threads with this person. With expanded knowledge, you can find common threads with just about anyone. The second encounter is perfect for exploring those things that you might have in common. Again, ask those questions and let them know that you know something about the things that are important to them. You don’t have to agree with everything that they value or find important. The main thing is to let them know that you have some kind of connection with them. For some people, this may be difficult, but if you are persistent, you will find something.

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Look for step 9 soon!


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