12 Steps to Great Relationships: Step 10: Food and Drink


For details on all of the previous steps, look at previous blogs. Step 1:  Know yourself. Step 2:  Develop a genuine love or acceptance of yourself. Step 3:  Expand your knowledge. Step 4:  Appreciate the differences.  Get perspectives on different values and cultures.  Step 5 is to be open, genuine, and positive. Step 6 is to develop a genuine love or at least acceptance of other people.  Step 7 is to pay attention to the first five seconds.  Step 8 is to pay attention to the second encounter.  Step 9 is to Make it all about them.  Step 10 is Food and Drink.

Break bread together or have a beer or cocktail together. Eating and drinking are intimate acts. Continue to talk about mutual interests. Also be prepared to talk about the interests of the other person even if they are not your own. This is a very important step in a relationship. One networker calls these FDOs (Food and Drink Opportunities). Keith Ferrazzi is a master networker. His book, Never Eat Alone, talks about being relentless in your pursuit of connections with others. And everyone has to eat and drink. And everyone likes it when you buy them lunch.

Find interesting places to meet. Out of the way restaurants and coffee shops with great atmospheres are very conducive to getting people to relax and open up. Use this step often to further develop your relationships and take them to the next level.  It is also convenient from a time perspective.  Everyone is busy, but also, everyone has to eat.  They will be much more likely to connect with you as opposed to setting up a regular meeting.

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Look for step 11 soon!


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