We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us!

There is a valuable lesson from this classic Pogo cartoon.  Many contractors lament the fact that construction has become a commodity.  Many owners set up competition based on price alone.  But why have the owners done that?  Is it because they think this is the best way to get the best building at the best price?  Probably not.  I believe the reason that owners choose on price alone is because there are no other criteria from which to choose.  If there were other viable criteria, owners would bring those into the selection process.  Yes, my friends, we have met the enemy, and he is us.  Owners choose on low price because they believe that the short list of contractors or the open bid list of contractors are pretty much the same.  They all are capable of managing the construction process.  They all receive the same bids from subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers.  They all pay the same material prices.  And they are all somewhat of a  pain in the ass to work with.

What if your company changed the game.  What if your company brought in another criterion. What if your company created such an overwhelmingly positive experience that the owners sat up and took notice.  What if they said, “Wow!  That was actually fun and fulfilling!”  What if they said, “The experience with that contractor changed my life for the better!”  What if they LOVED you.  If that actually happened, what do you think would be the criteria for choosing the next contractor on the next project?  It would at least be a consideration.

So if you want to not be a commodity, then stop acting and thinking like a commodity.  Start acting like a game changer who creates such an overwhelmingly different experience for your clients, that they have no choice but to choose you or seriously consider you despite price.  If you want to know more, I have several case studies and stories proving this theory.  Just give me a call.


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