Things My Dog Taught Me: Believe in Miracles (A Remembrance of 9/11)

Today is a day of remembrance.  We remember the dead and the tragedy of 9/11.  We remember the unspeakable horror.  But we also remember the survivors and the heroes.  We remember the tales of extraordinary courage. We are reminded that it could have been even worse.  It was a day of death and destruction, but also a day of miracles.  And you can’t have a miracle without adversity.

My dog, Ginger, should not be alive.  Period. She is now over 15 years old, perhaps older.  We don’t know for sure.  Shar Pei’s life spans are 10 years.  Three years and 90 days ago, she was given 30 to 90 days to live due to mast cell cancer.  It is very aggressive in Shar Peis.  She  survived.  The cancer came back twice, and after surgeries, she survived.  She was totally deaf, had a stroke and couldn’t stand or walk, she had massive, open sores on her feet, atrophied legs, bloody stools (this cancer usually goes to the gut), and lost muscle mass in her face.  She lost 10 pounds, which is 20% of her total body mass.  We thought she was on the brink of death and were contemplating putting her to sleep.  That was in April.

Today, she has gained all of her weight back, is full of energy, her sores on her feet are healing nicely, She bounds out of the house for her walks.  She now hears the doorbell.  She devours her food and poops and pees normally.  We spoil her with treats and home cooked food.  She is loving her life.  Although we were almost ready to give up on her, she was not ready.  The only thing she was ready for was a miracle.

So if you are facing adversity today, and many of us are, remember that without adversity, there is no miracle.  Believe in it.  Pray for it.  Have the attitude that your miracle is right around the corner.  Know that things will get better.  Know that your miracle just needs a little faith.  In the Bible, Jesus never said, “I have healed you.”  He always said, “Your faith has made you well.”  It is your faith that starts the miracle wheels to turn.  You can call it anything you want.  You can have faith, you can manifest, you can have a positive attitude.  But the power of healing and miracles is within you right now.  Believe it.


One Response to Things My Dog Taught Me: Believe in Miracles (A Remembrance of 9/11)

  1. Jan Swisher says:

    Brent, This is a very touching post. Both because of the connection with the 9/11 tragedy, and the story of the indomitable spirit of your sweet dog when she became ill. And your optimistic message at the end, “without adversity, there is no miracle” is very hopeful and touching. Thank you!

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