Inspire Genius: Cultivate Creativity in Yourself and Innovation in Your Company

innovationHow do you make your competition irrelevant?  There are only two things you have that others don’t have:  1.  Your People and 2.  Innovation.  For this blog, I will be focusing on innovation.  How do you cultivate creativity in yourself and innovation in your company?

CULTIVATE YOUR PERSONAL CREATIVITY: 1.  Get rid of your limitations. When you find yourself doubting or saying something can’t be done, reframe it and don’t limit yourself.  We are always our own biggest limitations  2.  Open yourself up to possibilities. Always say, “What if”?  What if that could happen?  How would things be different?  3.  Develop a Yes, And attitude.  Do you find yourself saying, “Yes, but . . .”  a lot?  When people throw ideas out at you are you quick to defeat it?  Look at it this way.  If a loved one came up to you and asked you if you loved them, would you respond with “Yes, but . . . “?  Remember, yes, and does NOT mean agreement.  It just means that you are open to the possibilities. Other ways to get those creative juices flowing:  Expand your knowledge.  Read a book a week.  Be a thirsty learner.  Learn about EVERYTHING!  Get out in nature and ground yourself.  Make sure to have daily reflection time where all of these thoughts coalesce.  Get out of your routines.  Use your opposite hand to shave, to bathe, to eat.  Put your watch on the opposite hand.  Dry off differently.  Get dressed differently.  Put your belt on counterclockwise instead of clockwise.  Be an ardent observer!  Observe everything:  how people interact, colors, textures, sounds, sights, tastes, and smells.

CULTIVATE INNOVATION AT YOUR COMPANY: 1.  Set aside the time for innovation and creative endeavors.  Have round table discussions with many different personalities, ages, and status.  For everyone in the company, make it a rule that for at least 30  minutes a day, you HAVE to play, have fun, and innovate. 2.  Meet regularly to discuss new ideas. 3.  Develop a Yes, And culture. Reward innovation instead of risk aversion. Now go out and Create and Innovate!


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