Language Lesson in Body Talk: by guest blogger Dr Andrea Robbins

Symptoms are the language of your body.  La lingua de vostra corpo e sintoni. Unless you speak Italian you don’t know that the second sentence is the same as the first.  You

forbidden have to understand the language to communicate. So today we will have a language lesson in Body Talk.

Symptoms are the method that your body communicates to you that something is wrong. Pain, fatigue, stomach upset, and headaches are a few of the words in your body’s language to warn you of bodily danger.

In our lives and work we see many warning signs of impending danger. Danger of radiation, fire, wet floors, poison, slippery roads, heavy traffic.  Do you listen to these warning signs or ignore them.  Do you call the fire department or simply turn off the alarm? Turning off the alarm would do nothing to put out the fire and could allow it to blaze out of control.

Let us compare your body to your car to further “drive” this issue home.  Would you look at your dashboard, see your oil light and decide to wait until it goes away? If your brakes functioned poorly on hills, would you say “I’ll change my route to drive only up hills”?  If your car started smoking from under the hood, would you stop, pull off the road the road and put out the fire, or would you drive with your head out the window to see around the smoke?

If you wear out your car, you can buy another, but if you wear out your body, where will you live?

Yet we take drug store remedies to stop our symptoms which are warning signs.  According to the Center for Disease Control nearly 48% of people are using at least one prescription drug, and painkillers are the most common. Taking drugs to stop warning signs of bodily danger is the equivalent of turning off the fire alarm. They treat only the warning signs or symptoms, not the cause, thus allowing the underlying condition to go unchecked. In the United States alone we consume 25 tons of aspirin to turn off symptoms every (wait for it)……….day. Yes we take literally tons of pills to turn off the warning signs of our body.

Here is a great book for tips to relieve the symptoms.  It  also includes a Body Battery Inventory which gives you a good snapshot of your stress and recovery levels.


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