10 Years in Business: A New Dawn, A New Day, Welcome Dr. Andrea Robbins

BDI logoHaving passed my tenth year in business, I look back on this journey with pride and look forward to what is to come.  There are many exciting changes in the works at Brent Darnell International, not just a new logo.  We are doing our best to improve our programs, find the best resources on the planet, and leverage all of this great work to reach a wider audience.  You must learn to reinvent myself over and over, trying to find ways to improve.  That is a great lesson for anyone with their own business.  Don’t rest on your laurels.  Always look for those ways to differentiate yourself and make your offering the very best it can be.

We have added a physical component to our leadership training, which has been the most amazing change that we have done. We actually see correlations between the emotional and the physical and see life changing results with improved performance in every area of the participants’ lives.  One group of 20 people we worked with lost almost 300 pounds.  Heading up that physical peak performance is Dr. Andrea K. Robbins, my wife and business partner.  When you change individuals, you create cultural changes within the company as well.  Imagine if you could increase everyone’s performance in your company by 20%.  What would that do for your bottom line?  Now I tell people “we teach people skills to technical people and train them like athletes”.

I also created my first app called The Tao of Emotional Intelligence based on the second edition of my book, The Tao of Emotional Intelligence, 2nd Edition.  It includes a Mini Emotional Intelligence test so you can determine what emotional competencies to work on.   

The most exciting thing that is just around the corner is change-u.com.  It is a one stop shop to evaluate yourself, get the resources to improve, and build in accountability with a mentor match and an accountability partner match.  I believe the mentor match is something that the construction and engineering industry desperately needs.  There are thousands of baby boomers retiring now that the economy is back up, and that knowledge will be gone forever unless we pass it onto these young kids coming into the industry.  We give 10% of our profits to four charities and also make the entire website free to all students from approved colleges and universities.

Stay tuned.  The next ten years are going to be amazing!

Let us know how we can help you.


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