Body Talk part 2; or Physics Like You Never Learned It In School by guest blogger Dr. Andrea Robbins

azaleasEntropy is the second law of thermodynamics. But don’t worry I won’t bore you with physics. I’ll teach it to you in an easy way. And make it applicable to you!! The Law of Entropy states that any system if left to itself will approach equilibrium or randomness.

Here’s what that really means. There was a large overgrown lot next door to a church in the inner city. People had dumped garbage, old bedsprings and rusty car parts in the lot over the years. The weeds had grown head high and had nearly covered the rusty junk. A recently retired churchgoer asked the pastor if he could take on the lot as a garden project. He worked diligently for a whole year removing the junk, pulling weeds and planting trees, flowers and bushes. Each season the garden bloomed with flowers and fruit. Even in winter the naked branches of the trees made silhouettes against the winter sky. One day the pastor came along and said to the gardener “look at what the Lord has done.” The gardener retorted back “don’t you remember how it looked when God had it by himself?”

Our bodies are a system.  The automobile example in the previous blog is a system.

So any system left ignored will NOT get better, stronger, prettier or more functional.  Aging is a function of entropy.  Stress related conditions are functions of entropy.

Have you ever heard that you get a whole new body every seven years?  It is partially true. It would be nicer if we could trade the old one in and get an entirely new one every seven years but that’s not how it works. The tissues and organs break down and repair themselves continually and at different rates, so that in seven years you have all different tissues than you had before, however, some are already breaking down again and ready for repair.

Your body talks to you when it is in need of repair. Its language is symptoms. Like the empty lot that had been ignored, your body will turn to chaos and work ineffectively. You must care for it diligently like the gardener, to have a body that is the masterpiece it was designed to be. Here’s a great video that explores ways to renew your body, mind and spirit.


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