Things My Dog Taught Me: What I Love, Others May Find Disgusting

dog eating poop

I am sad to report to the blogosphere that we put our beloved dog, Ginger, to sleep recently.  It’s been very hard for me, a crushing grief envelops me much of the time.  To review Ginger’s story, four years ago this past May, she was diagnosed with terminal mast cell cancer and given 30 to 90 days to live.  She was a true fighter with an amazing spirit and she taught me much.  By the way, the cancer didn’t kill her.  She died of old age.  For 14 years she was part of my life.  So, I’ve written a whole series of blogs called “What My Dog Taught Me”, which eventually, I will turn into a book.

In honor of her passing, I am revisiting this series of blogs and adding more topics.  This is one that I have been thinking about for a while.  Ginger loved to eat cat poop, especially toward the end.  She could barely walk, yet, when we left the house, she barreled down our driveway to go across the street in order to sniff out the latest offerings from one of the neighborhood cats.

When it was cold outside, it was tolerable, because the cat poop turned into cat-sickles.  But when it was hot outside, the cat poop was not so easy to tolerate.  It was really stinky, and Ginger managed to get it all over her mouth.  The same mouth that I usually kissed.  Very Disgusting.

But the point is:  SHE LOVED CAT POOP!  Although I found it disgusting, she absolutely loved it.  It motivated her.  She fought for it, tugging on the leash for all that she was worth. So what is the lesson here?  I think it’s a lesson in empathy.  There are some things that others do or say or practice that I find less than acceptable, and in some cases, down right disgusting.  I don’t have to approve of what they do or condone it or promote it.  But I think it is incumbent on me as a human being to do my best to accept and honor the things that they love no matter how I feel about it as long as it doesn’t harm others in some way.

If we could all do that, I think the world would be a better place.


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