What, Me Worry? by guest blogger, Dr. Andrea Robbins

worry 2How many of you are worriers?  Do you worry that your project will not get completed in time, or that you will not have enough money to put your kids thru college, or that a space ship will land on your roof and perform scientific experiments on your family?

Many people regard women as inherent worriers, and sometimes I wonder if childbirth does flip a “worry switch” in women. Women do tend to worry a lot about their children and frankly I suspect that they think it proves that they love their kids.  But I think men are also guilty of worrying. It’s just about different things. Men worry more about financial matters.

I dated a guy that worked in the evenings. This was prior to mobile phones. He always said that he’d call me on his way home, or to my house to pick me up for a date. He didn’t. Ever. And every time he didn’t call I worried that he was dead in a ditch. I called the hospitals to check the emergency rooms. I called the police departments to see there had been an accident. I just knew that if he didn’t call me, it was because he was dead in a ditch. Guess what? He wasn’t dead in a ditch. Ever.

I finally learned that he was inconsiderate; not dead in a ditch. I then decided that the odds were in my favor that he was not dead in a ditch because 100% of the time I worried that he was in a ditch, he wasn’t. So I chose to “bet the odds”.

How much have you worried about that never, ever happened?  Could you “bet the odds”?

Would you like a simple way to stop worrying? It is truly simple, yet not too easy.  Worry is a habit that can be broken.  Did you know that your brain can think only one conscious thought at a time?  It can coordinate your digestion with your heart and breathing rate, yet it can only think one conscious thought at a time. Multi-tasking is a myth. But that’s another blog.

So the secret to stop worrying is to replace worry thoughts with positive thought substitutes. So when you start to worry about whether you’ll have enough money to send your daughter to college, think instead about the time you taught her to ride a bike.  In the middle of the night when you know you hear aliens land on your roof, plan your anniversary dinner for your spouse. Replace worry thoughts with positive thought substitutes.

To find out how stressed you are, and to create positive change in your life go to change-you.com and begin the journey to a happier, worry free life.

Also get the app, Tao of Emotional Intelligence for inspirational thoughts to improve optimism and increase emotional intelligence.


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