Meditation Part 2: Do this simple thing and your stress goes away!


meditation suit

So, now we know from the Harvard Medical School that meditation does all kinds of amazing things to our bodies.  It actually affects us on a genetic level.  It changes the expression of our genes, which may contribute to less chronic diseases, especially auto-immune diseases.  So shouldn’t you look into this amazingly simple thing?

Meditation also lowers resting heart rate, decreases cortisol levels (the stress hormone), increases DHEA (the youth hormone).  I don’t know about you, but I could use a little less stress and a little more youth.  It increases focus and decreases those endless loops of thought. And remember, it takes energy to think.  According to a few recent studies, people who meditate regularly, on average, show a physical age of 10 years less than their chronological age.  Now that’s for me.

So how do you meditate?  Here is a simple meditation technique.  All you need is three minutes.  Close your eyes.  Start to breathe deeply.  With each exhale, count and think of the numbers one through four.  First exhale, think the number one, second exhale, think the number two, third exhale, think the number three, fourth exhale, think the number four.  Then start over at one.  What’s going to happen is that your mind will wander and start to think of all kinds of things.  Just politely dismiss those thoughts and go back to your breathing and counting.  Do this for three minutes.  Set a timer if you want.

At the end of the three minutes, check in with how you feel.  You will likely be relaxed and focused.  You can check in with your stress and download some good support materials such as a meditation CD on my website,

Next time we’ll talk about some more meditation techniques.  Stay relaxed!


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