Things My Dog Taught Me: Continually Improve and Innovate

joss 5-2-05 005This is my 101st post.  Wow.  That’s a lot of blogging.

When our dog’s back hips started going, we were very concerned.  My wife’s father had MS, and he had a contraption called wally walkers.  It was a simple device, an elastic strap that went over his shoulders and clipped to the front of his shoes.  It gave him just enough lift to be able to lift his feet and walk on his own.

So we thought about how we could apply this to our dog, Joss.  We bought some dog shoes, took some old suspenders and hooked the suspenders to the front of her dog shoes.  It was miraculous!  Without these walkers, she dragged her back legs behind her.  With the suspenders hooked up, she walked just fine.  This enabled her to walk unassisted for months.

When there is a problem, it calls for innovation.  And innovation is about taking an idea or a concept in one area and apply it to another.

When Joss could no longer walk with her wally walkers, we had another problem.  Of course, Andrea’s dad ended up in a wheelchair.  So we looked into dog wheelchairs and found one.  Joss was just fine with this setup.  See the photo above.  She thrived in her wheelchair, took walks, ate, did her business, and loved her life.  From the time Joss developed hip problems to her death, we innovated and allowed her to have good quality of life until the end.  This was a span of around five years.  That’s five more years of enjoying our beloved pet because we chose to innovate instead of giving in.

So when you have a problem, there is always a solution.  It just takes a little thought and innovation.


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