A Life Lesson from a Songbird


While walking this morning, I was really taken by the birds and their cacophony of songs.  They were loud and insistent, offering a symphony of sound on an otherwise very quiet morning.  Their chirps, tweets, and twitters were the only thing you could hear.  I looked up and saw a small sparrow on a power line.  He lifted his head up and warbled out a throaty, clear, insistent sound that was absolutely amazing.  I couldn’t believe this gigantic sound was coming out of this small bird.  With total abandon, he lifted his voice out into the world, and it carried on the clear morning air.

Lately, I have been struggling with my confidence.  I didn’t feel worthy of my successes.  I beat myself up.  I felt that I needed more education, more experience, more knowledge.  I felt like a fraud.  Sometimes, people in the construction industry reject this work with emotional intelligence, and I always blamed myself for their rejection.  If I had explained it better, or put it to them in a different way, they would be on board.  It was always my fault, and I was always second guessing myself.

And then a revelation came to me.  That songbird just sang.  He didn’t worry if people liked his song or not.  He didn’t wonder if he could do it differently to satisfy more people.  He didn’t second guess his song and change it because of me or anyone else.  He did what God put him here to do, and he did it with a massive amount of joy and energy.  He poured himself into his song, put it out to the world, and let the world decide.  Thank you, Mr. Songbird.  From now on, that’s what I will strive to do.  I am going to do what God put me here on earth to do and do it with as much passion and energy as possible and let the world decide.



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