Emotional Intelligence and Teams: It Does Matter!

happy people

I am an adjunct professor at Penn State, teaching emotional intelligence to Architectural Engineers.  Penn State has recognized that although they have one of the top programs in the country, a focus on emotional intelligence concepts actually helps their students be more successful in their careers and their lives.

They are actually doing research on emotional intelligence and teams.  I have been working with Gretchen Macht and Rob Leicht for the past few years on this project.  They wondered if emotional intelligence really matters when it comes to team performance.  There is more work to be done, but there are some preliminary results that says that emotional intelligence DOES matter!

This is no surprise to me.  But for all of the skeptics out there, here is some statistical proof.

I will continue to work with Penn State on this research.  My hope is that one day, we will have a control group who receives some basic emotional intelligence training.  I would like to compare their scores with the scores of the teams who don’t receive the training.

I have found that project teams that have been through emotional intelligence do perform better due to several factors.  This work creates vulnerability and trust, it opens people up so that they communicate better, and it gives everyone a common language where they can discuss the competencies that they are working on in the context of the project and the various issues that projects always have.

If you would like to read this report, let me know.  I will send it to you.

Take care,  Brent





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