Things My Dog Taught Me: Let Go of Your Fears

Ginger 09


Our dog, Ginger, was afraid of two things:  Thunder and a beeping smoke detector.  But other than those two things, she was utterly fearless.  She was aggressive and hard charging.  She would go after dogs much bigger and tougher than she was.  When she was dying and needed a lot of help, she still maintained that “in your face” fearlessness that she had.  I noticed that toward the end of her life, when the thunder bellowed, she was less afraid.  I think she was teaching me something.  You don’t have to wait until the end of your life to let go of these fears.  Many of these fears are old ones, from childhood, from past hurts, from past painful experiences.

My theory is that we create what we fear because we put our focus and energy on those things that frighten us.  One example:  one of my relatives is fearful about money, always worrying if they have enough.  A scam artist took my relative for money, luring them in by telling them that they had found a bunch of money and that they wanted to split it.  That fear of lack caused my relative to be sucked into this transaction and there was less money in the bank afterward.

Are there things that you fear?  What is the source of those fears?  Is it old stuff?  Make a list of those things that you fear.  Maybe you worry about money, death, relationships, being alone, abandonment, success, or illness.  Write these fears down on a piece of paper.  Explore the source of these fears and then let them go.  They have no place in your life.  Burn these pieces of paper to symbolically get rid of these fears and let them go.  Sometimes this ritual works the first time, but it may take some repetition or maybe even some counseling or discussions with people you trust.  But you can let go of your fears.  And your life will be better.



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