Things My Dog Taught Me: Keep Moving

Ginger was getting old.  She moved slowly, especially in the morning.  She had ACL surgery on her right rear knee.  She had arthritis in that joint and all other joints.  She started slowly in the morning and you could tell she was in some discomfort, but she just kept moving.  She was slow and stiff and  plodding, but she kept moving.  She kept going.  She kept moving forward no matter what.  And I’m sure that she experienced pain.  But she kept moving.  I’m sure there are times when she was tired because of her advanced age (105 in people years) and did not want to move.  But then she would dig down deeply and there was a voice deep inside of her that said, “Keep moving”.  And she did.

I think of the many things that hold me back, that paralyze me.  I think of fear and inadequacy.  I think of my little aches and pains from being over 50.  I think of life’s little injustices that sometimes drag me down.  I think of life’s big injustices that cause me to really question life’s meaning.  But then, I take a look at my Ginger, who kept moving forward no matter what.  And she continued to do that until she could no longer do it.  Her spirit stayed strong until the end, but her old body eventually betrayed her and gave out.

So, until my old body betrays me and I give out, I will keep moving.

What’s holding you back?  What is preventing you from moving forward?  Is it fear?  Is it physical pain?  Emotional pain?  Just keep moving.  As Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”


One Response to Things My Dog Taught Me: Keep Moving

  1. James Quackenbush says:

    good one B

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