The Two Things That Young People Need to Know to be Successful

I hear the same thing over and over from industry folks.  There are two things that are problematic concerning young people coming into the construction industry.  They come up again and again.

Communication skills


Relationship skills

These kids coming into construction and engineering today are VERY smart.  They grew up with technology.  They get things very quickly.  We have retired baby boomers who are leaving the industry in droves now that their 401Ks are back up to where they need to be to retire.

These kids are hungry.  They want to know what the boomers know.  They want to move into leadership positions as quickly as humanly possible.  They have student loans to pay off.  But the boomers tend to put them in meaningless positions and tell the young folks that they have to “pay their dues” just like they did.  And they use these two things:  communication, both written and verbal, and relationship skills.  I have written a book on communication and presentation skills, and I teach emotional intelligence, which ultimately improves relationship skills.

Don’t worry young people.  You get things quickly.  And both of these skills are teachable and learnable.  Trust me.  I’ve been doing it for the past 14 years.  If you want some resources on how to do this, just email me and let me know.  I’ll give you some excellent ways to improve these two skills.  Take away the baby boomer’s excuses.  Become masters of communication and relationships and ignite your career!


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