You’re Changing as You Read This: So What Kind of Change Will it Be?

change belief


Everything is constantly changing.  We are changing.  You are changing as you read this.  Cells are dividing and repairing.  Physiological functions are in constant flux.  Mental processes are constantly changing.  Your consciousness is ever evolving and changing.  That is just a fact.  The only constant is change.

So if that is true, what kind of change are you cultivating?  Physically, are you taking care of your body, providing proper nutrition, exercising it, nurturing it, handling the stress that may head off some dreaded auto-immune disease?  Are your thoughts filled with negativity, doubt, and fear?  Are you mentally stressed and exhausted?  Or are your thoughts filled with positive thoughts of the future filled with abundance, physical health and vigor, connections with others, and a positive, peaceful existence?

I believe that we create most of the things in our lives by what we are thinking and doing moment to moment.  And those thoughts and actions create our future over time.  So what future are you creating right now in this moment?  Before you started reading this, what were you thinking and feeling?  Were you filled with fear,  doubt, negativity, aches and pains, and declining physical and mental health?  Or were you filled with thoughts of a positive future of health, happiness, and abundance?  The choice is yours!

What does your future vision look like? Take the next few minutes to see a positive future for yourself in every way:  emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.  Once you have that future firmly fixed in your mind, then you can start cultivating your day-to-day thoughts and actions to propel you toward that future.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve.  Create that future for yourself right now!


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