How to See Yourself as You Really Are!


Many of us define ourselves by external things in our life:  our work, being a parent, being a student, being an athlete, and being a spouse come to mind.  And when those things are shaken by a life shift, a transition into something else, or a failure, we deem ourselves worthless.  We think that we have to DO things to be worthy.  We have to sacrifice, we have to accomplish, we have to excel, we have to go above and beyond to simply have worth.

But this is a lie.  It simply isn’t true.  You don’t have to  DO something to have worth.  You have worth just by being who you are.  That was such an important lesson for me.  Perhaps for all of us.  We all have talents and we all have shortcomings.  Those things don’t define us.  We are already defined by our Creator.  We are unique and have worth despite any other factors in our life.  What a relief.  What a weight lifted.  So if you are feeling heavy about yourself and your self-worth, know that you have great value and are loved despite of anything going on in your life or in your past.  You can go forward today with that knowledge.  It’s such a simple thing.  Simple, but not easy.  See yourself through the eyes of God. You are worthy and beloved. Period.   That’s who you really are.


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