Emotional Intelligence Return on Investment PROVEN!



I’ve worked with many companies over the years, and one thing I have come to expect is the initial skepticism.  My entire book is based on the premise that if you make your people better with emotional intelligence learning, you will increase your profits.  Now my friends at High Performing Systems, Inc. have published an article on some calculations on the return on investment for emotional intelligence training and what it does to bottom line results.  We can measure the results and have a very good method to do just that.  But people in the construction industry are skeptical.  They want the proof.

Here is a skeptic video that we created that explains it all:

Well, now we have it.

When we asked one of our good clients if they wanted us to start measuring the return on their investment, which is substantial, they declined.  They thanked us, but they said they KNEW that this was working.  They believe that their business has improved.  They can see the changes in their people and their projects.  Their employees’ emotional intelligence has improved, which has contributed to them winning more work and creating opportunities for future work.  The health and wellness of their people, which is an integral part of our programs, has greatly improved.  Their people have lost weight, starting exercising regularly, eat better, and better manage their stress, which makes them more productive and happy with their lives and work.  This all leads to an improved bottom line.

So, I can tell you all day about this work with emotional intelligence,  The reality is that THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS.  And what works, wins.  If you want to improve your people that will lead to better bottom line results, take a look into this work with emotional intelligence and peak performance.

Here is a link to the article:


If you want to know more about emotional intelligence and the positive impact it can make, contact me.



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