Struggling Sucks . . . or Does it?


There is a Twilight Zone episode where a low life gambler dies and goes to another place.  In this place, he has beautiful women, the finest of clothes, and lots of money.  He wins every hand of poker, he wins every round of roulette, he hits the cue ball to break for pool and every ball goes into the pockets.  He loves it at first.  Then he became bored.  He gets tired of not having to struggle and never being able to lose.  He finally yells at his host and tells him that he didn’t think heaven would be like this.  The host answers, “What makes you think you’re in heaven?”

I know in the midst of struggling, it truly does suck.  It is hard.  It is inconvenient.  You are struggling.  You are exhausted.  You are worried about health issues, about finances, about your job, about your loved ones.  I certainly understand those dynamics and struggle right along with you.  But when you move past those struggles, there is a sense of relief and happiness.  It’s as if you are forged in a furnace of struggles, and you emerge honed, annealed, stronger, more resilient.

There is a great TED talk by Kelly McGonigal on stress.  In that video, Kelly tells us that the FEAR of stress is what kills us.  In a study they did, the people who thought stress was bad for them had higher death rates than the group under a lot of stress that framed stress in a different way.  So now she teaches people to reframe their stress and struggles.  Look upon those as motivators, as blessings, as a way to learn new things and be different in the future.  It isn’t the struggles that are killing us, it’s how we react to those struggles.

Now this is not easy.  I understand that.  But try writing down all of your struggles you are presently dealing with, then writing down the positive aspects.  For instance.

Struggling with paying bills. Living paycheck to paycheck.   The positive thing is that this is forcing me to create a budget and stick to it.  When I do start making more money and getting these bills paid off, I will have the knowledge and skills to be able to really save and be okay financially.

Take care and let me know if you have any stories related to this.


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