The Power of Passion!


“When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.” — John Wesley

I recently saw the Rolling Stones in Atlanta.  Mick Jagger is 70 years old.  Lead guitarist Keith Richards is 70.  Drummer Charlie Watts is 72. Ronnie Wood is the youngster at only 66 years old.  And these guys did a two hour show that would have left folks half their age exhausted.  The jumped, they danced, they gyrated, they were all over a very large stage.  They really put it out there. It was a high energy rockfest, and the crowd went wild!

How in the world do they do this?  It is very clear to me that these guys have been at the top of their games for decades, making incredible music.  The other thing that struck me is that they absolutely LOVE what they do.  They are very passionate about their music and about performing.  They don’t “go through the motions”.  They don’t rest on their past success.  They love what they do so much they are constantly striving to take it to the next level, even with their advanced years.

I absolutely love what I do.  I can’t imagine doing anything else.  And I am constantly looking for ways to improve, to learn, to help the industries that I support transform themselves.  It is my mission in life and after this concert, I will rededicate myself to showing my passion even more.

What about you?  Do you have something that you are passionate about?  Do you love what you do?  Remember, my friend, that life is very short.  Either find something that your passionate about with your present circumstances or find something else!  Remember what brought you into what you are presently doing in the first place.  We lose passion in the day-to-day drudgery of work. But it is there, hidden underneath all of the crap.  Find it again and reconnect to it!

Let me know what you are passionate about and how you have reconnected with it.  I would love to hear from you.



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