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July 24, 2014

Hi Everyone!  It’s Christmas in July as I am giving a free PDF of my book, The People Profit Connection.  No strings attached.  Just email casey@brentdarnell.com and she will send you the PDF of my book.  I am now working on a 4th edition, so any feedback would be much appreciated.  And if you are so inclined, please post a review on Amazon.com:

The People-Profit Connection

The People-Profit Connection

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Congratulations to Jacobsen Construction in Salt Lake City!

July 17, 2014



We are very proud of our client, Jacobsen Construction Company headquartered in Salt Lake City.  They have just been named Contractor of the Year by Engineering News Record for the Mountain States.  We cannot think of any company that deserves it more.  The people at this company are phenomenal.  They are smart, caring people who value relationships and truly make the greatest of effort to thrill their clients.  We have been working with them for several years now, and have been amazed at the values that they exhibit every single day.

Here is the link to the article naming them Contractor of the Year:


If you want your company to excel, follow Jacobsen’s example.  Their motto is “We Own It”.  They are an employee owned company, which is the source of the quote.  But if you dig deeper, you’ll see that if there is a problem, they will be responsible and find a solution.  Owners are clamoring to engage Jacobsen to build their projects because they create meaningful relationships with all project stakeholders.  When you work with Jacobsen, the project will not only go well, but you may also find it fun and engaging.  This is what the industry needs more of:  collaboration, relationship driven projects where the process is fulfilling and everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

Congratulations to all of our friends at Jacobsen!

For a closer look, here is their website:



How to Create Sustainable Change: Have a Plan A, B and C

July 10, 2014

changeAt the beginning of our programs, all participants create development plans.  Many times these plans are grand in nature.  I’ve seen things like “I’m going to run a marathon.”  or “I’m going to do an Iron Man Triathlon.”  or “I’m going to work out EVERY DAY!”  These are amazing goals to have.  And I applaud these participants for allowing themselves to dream big.  At the same time, some of these folks are starting from nothing.  They are doing no exercise at all and yet their goal is to do an Iron Man.  For those folks, we tell them to start small and always have a plan A, B, and C.

Plan A may be to train for the Iron Man.  Plan B may be to run three times a week.  Plan C may be to walk every day for 10 minutes at lunch.  Another example is:  Plan A is to work out every day.  Plan B is to work out three times per week.  Plan C is to do 25 push ups in the morning.  While these lofty goals are admirable, sometimes they can be discouraging.  When the participants don’t accomplish these goals, they feel like failures.  And they are not failures.

Real, lasting, sustainable change comes from tiny things done consistently.  If you can choose to eat right most days, if you can commit to walk for 10 to 20 minutes most days, if you can commit to meditate or manage your stress well most days, you are going to create some amazing, lasting changes in your life.

So have those lofty goals, and always have a plan B and C to fall back on and do those consistently.

How to See Yourself as You Really Are!

July 3, 2014


Many of us define ourselves by external things in our life:  our work, being a parent, being a student, being an athlete, and being a spouse come to mind.  And when those things are shaken by a life shift, a transition into something else, or a failure, we deem ourselves worthless.  We think that we have to DO things to be worthy.  We have to sacrifice, we have to accomplish, we have to excel, we have to go above and beyond to simply have worth.

But this is a lie.  It simply isn’t true.  You don’t have to  DO something to have worth.  You have worth just by being who you are.  That was such an important lesson for me.  Perhaps for all of us.  We all have talents and we all have shortcomings.  Those things don’t define us.  We are already defined by our Creator.  We are unique and have worth despite any other factors in our life.  What a relief.  What a weight lifted.  So if you are feeling heavy about yourself and your self-worth, know that you have great value and are loved despite of anything going on in your life or in your past.  You can go forward today with that knowledge.  It’s such a simple thing.  Simple, but not easy.  See yourself through the eyes of God. You are worthy and beloved. Period.   That’s who you really are.

Unexpected Life Lessons from Angel’s Landing

June 26, 2014

angel's landing


This is Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park in Utah.  My wife, Andrea, and I scaled this a few weeks ago.  It’s a pretty scary climb, and the only thing between you and certain death from a 1,400 foot fall is a chain.  And sometimes, even the chain is missing.  It was something we both wanted to do.  Andrea wanted to prove that despite what is going on in the world or with me, she can live without fear and be safe.  I wanted to prove that I could do it, to overcome that fear and press on to the top.

The lesson each of us learned was very different.  For Andrea, it wasn’t about being fearless.  She was quite terrified and broke down several times on the way up, telling me that she was very afraid.  Andrea gets a little queasy riding over high bridges, so this was really scary for her.  Each time she stopped along the way, perfect strangers approached her, encouraged her, told her that she could do it, extended a literal helping hand, and offered practical advice like “don’t look down”, “put the blinders on and watch your feet”, and “breathe and relax”.  When she returned from the summit, a group of teenagers at Scout’s Lookout gave her a round of applause and congratulated her.  Andrea’s lesson was that the world is a safe place, and that despite her fears, there are people who will be there for her along the way, and some of them may be people she doesn’t even know.

I told her several times that we could turn back without any shame.  Once I knew that she was determined to get to the top, I encouraged her to keep going, to be relaxed and confident.  But it was hard for me.  I knew she was scared, and I was afraid she was going to make a mistake. I was hyper-vigilant, at the ready to catch her in case she stumbled.   Finally, about half way up, I had a revelation.  I can’t protect her.  I can’t protect her from the world or dangers that may come her way.  I can love her, support her, and be there for her, but my lesson was to let go of that responsibility.  Her well-being and her happiness is up to her, despite what is going on with me or with the world.

Sometimes, we start down a road to learn something, but the lesson takes a turn and we learn something altogether different, something that is vital to us.  Be on the lookout for your life lessons no matter what form they take.  You never know when and where they will show up.

You’re Changing as You Read This: So What Kind of Change Will it Be?

June 19, 2014

change belief


Everything is constantly changing.  We are changing.  You are changing as you read this.  Cells are dividing and repairing.  Physiological functions are in constant flux.  Mental processes are constantly changing.  Your consciousness is ever evolving and changing.  That is just a fact.  The only constant is change.

So if that is true, what kind of change are you cultivating?  Physically, are you taking care of your body, providing proper nutrition, exercising it, nurturing it, handling the stress that may head off some dreaded auto-immune disease?  Are your thoughts filled with negativity, doubt, and fear?  Are you mentally stressed and exhausted?  Or are your thoughts filled with positive thoughts of the future filled with abundance, physical health and vigor, connections with others, and a positive, peaceful existence?

I believe that we create most of the things in our lives by what we are thinking and doing moment to moment.  And those thoughts and actions create our future over time.  So what future are you creating right now in this moment?  Before you started reading this, what were you thinking and feeling?  Were you filled with fear,  doubt, negativity, aches and pains, and declining physical and mental health?  Or were you filled with thoughts of a positive future of health, happiness, and abundance?  The choice is yours!

What does your future vision look like? Take the next few minutes to see a positive future for yourself in every way:  emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.  Once you have that future firmly fixed in your mind, then you can start cultivating your day-to-day thoughts and actions to propel you toward that future.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve.  Create that future for yourself right now!

The Two Things That Young People Need to Know to be Successful

June 12, 2014

I hear the same thing over and over from industry folks.  There are two things that are problematic concerning young people coming into the construction industry.  They come up again and again.

Communication skills


Relationship skills

These kids coming into construction and engineering today are VERY smart.  They grew up with technology.  They get things very quickly.  We have retired baby boomers who are leaving the industry in droves now that their 401Ks are back up to where they need to be to retire.

These kids are hungry.  They want to know what the boomers know.  They want to move into leadership positions as quickly as humanly possible.  They have student loans to pay off.  But the boomers tend to put them in meaningless positions and tell the young folks that they have to “pay their dues” just like they did.  And they use these two things:  communication, both written and verbal, and relationship skills.  I have written a book on communication and presentation skills, and I teach emotional intelligence, which ultimately improves relationship skills.

Don’t worry young people.  You get things quickly.  And both of these skills are teachable and learnable.  Trust me.  I’ve been doing it for the past 14 years.  If you want some resources on how to do this, just email me and let me know.  I’ll give you some excellent ways to improve these two skills.  Take away the baby boomer’s excuses.  Become masters of communication and relationships and ignite your career!


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